Humidity is the biggest factor in pianos going out of tune.

As the air dries out, the wood in the piano shrinks and the strings lose tension.

When the air becomes moist again, the wood swells and tends to increase tension.

This tension and release causes the string to gradually go down in pitch.

Some people have a special humidifier installed called a Damp Chaser which tries to control humidity around the piano. These can help, but require refilling with water periodically and many people end up not keeping up with that.

One tip is to try and avoid having the piano near a window where direct sunlight would hit it.

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Electric pianos are popular and can be cheap.

The original Fender Rhodes pianos and Wurlitzer electric pianos are still used by professional musicians because of their unique sound. They are difficult to repair and parts are hard to come by.

Other electric keyboards use sampled sounds of other real or electric instruments to recreate their sounds.

In general they offer advantages of low price and they don’t need to be tuned either.

They don’t have the rich tonal qualities of a real piano and your ear may get “tired” of their sounds. This is what keeps the electronic keyboard market alive – you’re always looking for new sounds.

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I just bought a 6 feet 4 grand piano from my friend. The piano is close to 30 years old. It does not come with a protective cover nor a cloth to protect its ivory keys. Are these 2 items essential and a must for me to buy for proper maintenance? Must the material of the piano cover be only made of any specific material like velvet etc? I am thinking of buying the material and make my own cover so please advise me the material which I should buy. As for the cloth which protects the keys, do most piano shops sell it? If piano shops do not sell, can I also buy the material and make it myself? What is the material of the cloth? Your suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Long and short of it is Yes you should buy them for the protection of the piano and for the protection of the tuning of the piano. You piano reachs to sunlight and dust. Unless you want to have to keep cleaning the piano every day and vacuum the keys and or strings cover the piano and the keys.
Keys yellow with sunlight and the vanier on the pianoe fades. Dust and debris can find their way into nooks and crevaces. and that can throw off the strinking of a note. You should also make sure to clean you hands before using the keyboard because your ands may be oily or dirty.

What you need is a dust free slip resistant material to line an opague material through wich no light should pass, Stain resitance is always a plus. I hope you have a professiona sewing machine other wise you may have difficulty getting things seemed up.

Good Luck

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What exactly does it indicate when the keys are a little lower than the rest on the rail? Is it a costly repair? Do the hammers need to be replaced?

The lady only wants $250.00 for it and it’s only 5 years old, but has not been played in 3.

You did not specify the make or model. As for the action, it can be adjusted. NO big deal there. As for the tuning, figure about $125. If you tell me the model and make, I will tell you what it is worth :)

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Is it possible to start your own piano tuning service? How much should a person charge?

You can make a living…But you’ll have to find a good spot (with any occupation). You wouldn’t want to move to where there are less pianos.

Most people charge $90 or more. But this may have gone up (it’s been a year or two since I had mine tune, I don’t play my upright for a few reasons).
One woman last time, completely fixed my piano. The keys are broken (Reason 1 I don’t play it) and she fixed the two (A and Ab). She spent over 3 hours at my piano…charged me $100!! What a deal.

The piano sounded good, until the keys screwed up once again (its an unfixable problem).

But find a place, such as New York City, Boston, LA, and places that have campuses, and other studios and such around. Get your name out there, and you’ve got a business.

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Piano Tuning

Author: Joe

Hey Guys! SORRY there has been no videos in a while! I have been very busy with work, havent had much time for anything.

The piano in this video is a Mason & Hamlin Grand. Im not sure the exact age of it, but is is at least older then me :) .

When I got the piano back it was very out of tune and I wanted to get it into tune so I could play it. I called one of our local tuners to come and tune it. He is the best piano tuner and one of the best piano players Ive heard in a while also. And not that you would want to hear this, but I also got a small bit of me playing at the end :)


Duration : 0:9:14

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I am looking for an upright piano. I am currently in grade 9 and feel that my small piano wont cut it anymore. The piano dealer said that petrof is the best…yet yamaha and kawai are more well known. Which type of piano will take less maintenance (tuning)? or are they all the same?

thanks alot!

Most people (if they actually answered the question!) would probably say Petrof. It’s not very well known, but I’ve played a handful of ‘em and I don’t really like them all that much. I think they’ll be a bit more expensive that Yamahas or Kawais too. Some Yamahas can be good, but they seem to sound a bit too bright for my tastes. Kawai would have to be my favorite out of the three. It really depends on the piano though.

Out of the three, Kawai is probably the one which will hold it’s tuning the longest.


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We got 1880 grand piano, we removed all strings and after 3 months we put them back. From then i tuned my piano 0n 430 Hz 4 times, and after week it needs to be tuned again….Is it normal?

Contrary to the person who posted above, old pianos do not deteriorate with age if they are kept in good condition.

You don’t specify whether you used the old strings again or new strings. In either case the piano needs time to settle in. It has thousands of moving parts and being largely wood, it takes time for them to adjust.

The other thing that could be wrong is that your tuning pegs are loose. If they’re only a little loose, some violin peg dope might help, or tapping them in lightly might help too. Please don’t do anything without having a professional tuner look at it.

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Adjusted dampers on a Rhodes piano.


Duration : 0:7:33

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Techniques for tuning your piano and other instruments; learn this and more in this free online musical instrument video series about piano tuning, including tips and techniques, taught by an expert.

Expert: Tom Flowers
Bio: Tom Flowers, owner of “Well Tempered Piano Tuning,” has been tuning pianos for 10 years. He taught piano for 18 years & has been playing since he was a child.
Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

Duration : 0:2:48

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